Barbara Molteni ZanessisBarbara Molteni Zanessis was born in Como, Italy, in 1959.
Always a lover of photography, she studied architecture at the IUAV of Venice, and afterwards moved to Greece, first in Athens and then in Milos, a Cycladic Island, where she lives.

In Greece she undertakes the private practice. Together with her husband Makis Zanessis, they design residential buildings, hotels and museums.

The architectural profession and the great interest to photography continue to be part of her cultural evolution, given that the study of the light effects on volumes and the search of colours are essential in both disciplines.

Over the years the photographic research becomes more and more important; Barbara Molteni Zanessis reaches an original elaboration which leads firstly to the collaboration with the Greek-German artist Leda Luss Luyken, and then to personal exhibitions. Her works are in private collections.

The artist develops themes related to the landscape, architecture and abstract interpretation.